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“Thank you so much – I love my earrings and angels. I will give my girls the angels for a wee Easter gift.


2 April 2021

“thank you Margaret I hope your girls like the angels” Linda

“I love my ring and Caitlin said “Stunning!” when she got her bracelet for an Easter pressie.” Violet

27 March 2021

“thank you Violet for the order and the reviews” Linda : )

“I love my earrings and Angels that I ordered from Linda at ‘Glasweegem’.
I loved the quirky name and the products. So original and a very reasonable price for stunning original hand made jewellery.
Was going to gift the earrings, but love them so much I am now going to keep them. Gives me an excuse to order again. Thank you”

21 March 2021

“thanks Angela – glad you liked them” Linda

“I loved the wee angels I bought before Christmas. They will be adorning Christmas trees for years to come. I also have the beautiful summer set you designed and made. The invisible wire of the necklace means the beautiful pale peach beads appear to sit unaided in my hopefully lightly sun kissed skin. The earrings and bracelet make it a fabulous collection. I hope you will have something similar in your new collection.” Rosie

21 March 2021

“thanks Rosie – more angels and invisible wire necklaces coming soon!” Linda

I ordered two sets of angels in December 2020. They looked absolutely stunning on my Christmas tree and made gorgeous gifts for friends and family. Fabulous quality at a really competitive price! Thanks Linda – I’ll be back for more!” Ros

20 March 2021

“thank you Ros” Linda

“Got these Angels at Christmas as little extras for family, they are beautiful and everyone loved them. Would definitely purchase from this seller again.” Caroline 

20 March 2021

“thank you Caroline” Linda

Saw a pair of earrings, on the site, that I loved and Linda made me a bracelet and necklace to match, to my specifications… Nothing was too much trouble. Arrived really quickly and I can’t believe the quality for the price!! Liz

19 March 2021

“thank you Liz – was a pleasure” Linda

Liz’s earrings from the pearls & gems collection

“Loved my wee angels from Glasweegem.  They sparkle in the sunshine and bring me joy xx” Fiona

18 March 2021

“thank you Fiona, enjoy!” Linda

“Got these lovely wee angels for myself and my daughters at  Christmas time. Lovely addition to my tree but now guarding my wine until the tree goes back up!” Kathleen

18 March 2021 

“what a great idea Kathleen, guardians of your wine – I love it!

Hope they get the Angel’s share!?” Linda

“Bought these lovely little Angels. Gave them to my daughters who hung them in their cars. Great idea as a wee extra for Birthdays etc.” Lynn

17 March 2021

“thank you Lynn, I’m glad that you and your 4 daughters liked them” Linda

“It’s arrived!! I had a little peak and they are beautiful thank you!! Mum loves her stuff and I love my ring!!!” Emily

11 March 2021

“thank you Emily – I’m so pleased that your mum liked her Mother’s Day gift of angel earrings and the shell pearl/heart necklace, and you love your wire wrapped ring” Linda

“I was looking for something different in the jewellery line and was delighted with the earrings and wee angel from Glasweegem. Beautifully crafted, great value, easy to deal with and delivered quickly. Will definitely be using them again.” Rosemary

11 March 2021 

“thank you Rosemary for the glowing review” Linda

Rosemary’s red Murano glass earrings (above) and wee angel in her car

“Gorgeous new custom earrings by Glasweegem. Over the moon with them.” Karen

10 March 2021

“thanks Karen – glad you liked them” Linda

Karen’s custom made potato and rice pearl earrings

“Never do selfies … lol! Gorgeous … like a planet with a ring! Total steal!” Juliet

24 February 2021

“thanks for the feedback and for taking the selfie Juliet” Linda : )

Juliet’s necklace from the lunar range